Occupational therapy focuses on skills that help an individual live as independently as possible. Skills that are included in occupational therapy are: dressing, eating, bathing, and relating to people. Occupational therapy combines a variety of strategies and techniques which are used differently depending on the skills to be focused. This will help the child to explore his or her environment and respond better with more understanding about the environment.

Occupational Therapy strategies include:

·       Physical activities – To increase body awareness and to develop coordination such as stringing beads or doing puzzles.

·       Play activities – To enhance interaction and communication.

·       Developmental activities – To help in ones growth and development such as

·       brushing teeth and combing hair.

·       Adaptive strategies – To cope with transitions.

challenges at home and school:

·       Sensory problems

·       Relating to people problem

·       Writing problem

·       Space understanding

·       Self-help skills

·       Social skills

·       Communication skills

·       Play behavior with others

·       Physical coordination

·       Routine setting

·       Time management

·       Organizational skills

Conditions that OT can help with children’s?

·       Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

·       Down Syndrome

·       Cerebral Palsy

·       Developmental Delay

·       ADHD


·       Learning Disability (LD)


·       Introducing alternative ways of doing things

·       Therapy programs for physical, cognitive, behavioural, or mental health problems.

·       Consulting with families or caregivers

·       Modifying environment with accessible design and ergonomic situations.